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Jan 12, 2016

2016 dream musings by moi. Hear what's beckoning me and why, tips on bringing my 2016 dreams to life, and my biggest dream/word for the year.


Featured Guest: Moi



I'm a writer, therapist, and creative entrepreneur who dreams of Paris and global animal welfare.

You'll often find me sipping fragrant tea, practicing yoga on a leopard-print mat, or leading retreats around the globe.

I live in the petite Pink Palace in Washington, D.C. with a rescue kitty, a rescue pug, and a non-rescued beau.

Indulge in "tranquilosophy" via my blog and podcast, Tranquility du Jour.


2016 dreams

A smattering of my 2016 dreams

Eat more whole foods {upper right corner image}
Consume less sugar
Host inspiring events: retreats, workshops, online {lower left corner image}
Do more live events via Periscope {lower right corner image}
Morning meditation and hot water with lemon
Write morning pages
Savor writing retreats with teachers Natalie Goldberg and Heather Sellers
Write daily {upper center image}
Finish two books monthly
Less screen time
Clarify next book idea
Submit five articles to magazines
Daily movement {lower center image}
Weekly date nights with Tim
Time with and for the animals {upper left corner image}
Monthly dates with girlfriends
Road trip in Miss Lillie {my vintage RV}
Weekly creative play {Artist's Dates, art journal}
Single-task and practice the Pomodoro technique
Spend time in nature
Deepen therapeutic practice


  1. Create space
  2.  Review weekly
  3. Single-task
  4. Focus on you
  5. Play

Biggest Dream/word for 2016


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