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Feb 6, 2023

In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, I chat with Olia Tsopela from The Dancer Next Door about her ballet and grief journey. You'll hear how she's navigating the recent loss of her mom, how movement and CBT have helped the process, and how dance can be a form of therapy.

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Video Interview

Our Guest

I am a ballet educator who is teaching adult students online in a thorough and professional way.

Ballet technique is a concoction of skills which can be learnt by those who are ready to dedicate themselves to it. Body type, age, and talent have little to nothing to do with performance.

I took my first ballet lesson when I was five, and I still feel equally mesmerised every time I immerse myself in this art. I’ve always felt called to help others along their ballet journey.

After being qualified with two Diplomas in Dance Education and a Masters’ degree in Dance and teaching dozens of students on and off line, I deeply understand anatomy, growth, and pedagogy. My experience has given me enough knowledge to develop my C.O.R.E. (Centre Outline Rotation Experience) framework. This helps me guide my students in order for them to develop their overall alignment, technique, and musicality until they uncover the ballerina they are hiding inside.

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