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Nov 27, 2018

In this week's edition of Tranquility du Jour, I discuss my solo trip to Paris—takeaways, delights, and challenges.


1. Add beauty. The other night I stopped by a flower shop to pick up a pink hyacinth for 3 euros. The shopkeeper wrapped it in Kraft paper for my walk home. This little gem is deliciously fragrant and sitting next to me as I type.

2. Saunter. Each day I've explored various parts of the city for at least 15,000 steps (about six miles). The lack of rushing and the chance to take in Paris by foot with stops at sidewalk cafes to warm up or rest has been a treat.

3. Greet. It's customary to say "bonjour" upon entering shops or even purchasing a train ticket from an agent. There's a formality that feels quaint and civilized.

4. Sip. When I first arrived, I went straight to a cafe and sat for nearly an hour sipping two pots of thé vert à la menthe (green mint tea). There's no rush to turn over a table for another client, you can linger and sip as long as you'd like.

5. Read. I love seeing people with books in hand on the metro, at cafes, and, of course, in the many book shops. It's a great reminder to put the phone down and sink into a good read.

6. Express. Men in red pants, women in leopard-print, kids on scooters. There's a sense of style that's wrapped in self-expression.

7. Savor. A baguette here is a heavenly experience. Pizza sans cheese doused in a spicy oil is divine. The dark chocolates melt in your mouth. And there's an abundant amount of green juice.

8. Appreciate. Finding gifts to bring home is a treasure hunt. Today I picked up olive oil in a square bottle modeled after Chanel No. 5, a pink rose candle, gold (yes, gold!) peppercorns, and chocolates wrapped in pastel paper.

New discoveries
Petite Palais
Hemingway Bar
Wild & the Moon —la vie en rose
Rue Cremieux
La Maison Rose
The Abbey Bookshop
Weekly salon

Favorite stops
WH Smith (rose garden tea)
Shakespeare & Co
Le Greneier de Notre Dame
Wander Le Marais
Eiffel Tower view

Lost jacket
Jet lag
Alone in restos

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