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Oct 2, 2017

The Story Behind Shape Soiree with Kelly Kostecki and AnnMarie Grohs. In this week's edition of Tranquility du Jour, we chat about their inspiration to pull together a 3-day event in Richmond to shape lives, the importance of self-care, helpful tips and resources for finding balance.

Tranquility du Jour #406: The Story Behind Shape Soiree

 Direct download: Tranquility du Jour #406: The Story Behind Shape Soiree


Featured Guest: Kelly Kosteki + AnnMarie Grohs


Born and raised in the Heartland, Kelly grew up an Indiana Hoosier with a love for all things sports, travel, and school.  The thrill of adventure and lure of new cultures soon led Kelly away from her Midwestern roots to soak up the sun and Southern hospitality of the South Carolina Low Country.  It was there, while competing as an Athlete at the College of Charleston that her drive for peak physical performance led to injury and she first found herself on a yoga mat.  Admittedly, at first, yoga was simply a way to ease and loosen her overworked and burned out muscles.  However, soon she was overtaken by the stillness awakened in her mind and the spiritual connection encountered by her heart, which ultimately hooked her for life.

Since those early years Kelly has kept her passion for the practice as a focal point in her life, allowing it to shape the very essence of who she is, what she loves, and how she gives back to her community.  Her continued deep devotion and belief in the transformational power yoga provides, eventually led Kelly to receive her 500 hour RYT from Tranquil Space in Washington, DC, the home of all things goddess and glitter.  She then went onto open her own yoga studio, Om On Yoga, in Richmond, VA in 2010.  Through this venture, Kelly is deeply honored to share her experience and provide a nurturing space that offers a warm and inviting community to those who yearn for the beauty of yoga in their lives.  Kelly is also the creator of Shop Om On, a hip online boutique offering consciously curated fashion and goods for the active and holistic lifestyle.

When she’s not on her mat, a Raspberry colored Manduka to be exact, Kelly can be found globetrotting to far off and sometimes exotic but mostly laid back destinations, burrowing deep in a good book, relishing in the quiet solace of the outdoors, or savoring the pure goodness of a great acoustic guitarist.  Richmond, Virginia is where Kelly calls home.  She lives there with her incredible husband, and fellow yogi, Ken, and her sassy Schnauzer, Miss Gracie Mae.

AnnMaire Grohs ran her first 10k in college. And she came in dead last – behind a team of 8 people carrying a Santa sleigh.


Ever since then, AnnMarie has challenged herself to do better - to do more – always striving for one goal: wellness. And to never again be bested by a gaggle of people carrying a large prop.

AnnMaire’s journey to wellness has taken her many places – to Chicago where she learned to appreciate the outdoors when she could; to D.C. where she learned the limits of – and ways – to challenge her body; and to Richmond where she learned the effect that food could have on her overall.

It all ultimately drove her to open Boho Cycle studio, a Richmond, Va.-based indoor cycling studio focusing on fitness, nutrition, and health.

Today, AnnMarie continues to explore her commitment to wellness, keenly aware that wellness isn’t a fraction of life: it’s the whole of it.

 “The most important thing is fun,” she says. “You’ve got to have fun - and know what does your body good: whether that’s a run, a salad, yoga, reading a book, or knowing what clothes look good on your body.”

And AnnMarie continues her wellness journey. She still partakes of all the foods she loves – in moderation – and is aware that she’s constantly evolving. What worked for her 10 years ago may not work for her today – or 10 years from now. But she’s committed to sharing that journey and knowledge. And she hasn’t been beaten by a team of people carrying Santa’s sleigh again. Yet.

Upcoming Events

Daybook + Playbook Pre-sale: through October 20

Shape Soirée Talk in Richmond: October 20

Writing in the Woods in West Virginia: October 27-29 {2 spots left}

Yoga + Mindfulness Mini Retreat in DC: December 31

Yoga, Mindfulness + Creativity in Costa Rica: February 17-24

Yoga + Art in West Virginia: May, 2018 TBA

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