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Jun 8, 2020

In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, I chat with author and counselor Lara Casanova about the loss of her father, grief, grace, and gratitude, journaling, and how to heal heartbreak.

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Lara Casanova is an author, yoga teacher, life coach and professional counsellor specialising in grief and loss. She also holds qualifications in Pilates instruction, remedial massage and various management modalities and is an animal enthusiast and true heartbreak and grief survivor.

Through her holistic outlook, seeking nature, self expression, qualifications and experiences she reaches those struggling on challenging journeys to realise their true potential. She is passionate about not only healing from heartbreak and grief but using the traumatic experience as a learning tool and a gift to visualise, create and springboard to a brand new fresh shiny life.

Lara spends her time creating, writing, swimming, walking, at yoga, travelling mostly to Italy, coffeeing with friends and family and at the dog park with her three fur children Suzy, Chelsea and Pippy.

Through her books, yoga teachings, consultations, e-courses and blogs her purpose is to provide inspiration, healing and transformation, teaching how to live a deeply rich and abundant life filled with LOVE – TRUTH – PURPOSE & PEACE – HAPPINESS – JOY.

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