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May 26, 2020

In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, I chat with Marianne Talbot about her planner, Balance by Design, and with returning guest and Tranquility du Jour Daybook connoisseur Barbara Bitondo about her passion and personalization of her Daybook.

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Guests: Marianne Talbot and Barbara Bitondo
Marianne is a professional coach, author, attorney, business development strategist, stress and well-being expert, - and a mom - who truly understands the burdens, pressures, commitments, and stress women experience every day.  Marianne was a trial attorney for 14 years, was a law professor, had her own companies coaching and training high-performance professionals in New York City, and now does business development training and coaching for attorneys. Marianne loves to teach people how to develop entrepreneurial mindsets which can open up new professional and personal opportunities for anyone who is looking to create new amazing possibilities in their lives.
Mariannne's first book, Balance By Design™: A Career Guide & Planner for Women Lawyers With a Life, was published in 2019, and her forthcoming book, Balance by Design (TM): A Career Guide & Planner for Working Women Who Slay All Day will be published in June 2020. Part weekly planner and part playbook, her books contain over 200+ pages of personal and career development strategies and resources, wheels of life, loads of inspirational quotes, personal and professional toolkits, and most importantly, beautifully designed weekly planning pages that will help you keep track of the many roles and jobs you juggle every day.
Marianne's website is and you can reach her at

Barbara BITONDO designs knowledge solutions in Washington, DC and is a longtime tranquilista who has been creatively customizing her Tranquility du Jour Daybooks since 2014.
Now, when I say customizing, I do not mean sprinkling some extra tranquility here with washi tape, but an actual amped up approach to the self-printing process. Barbara elevates the art of planning calm into a full, rich and meaningful life with her Daybook, to producing a dynamic LIFE BOOK bursting with journal prompts, space for more reflection, art journaling, flower petals, check lists and really, so much more!
She curates the TDJ content she likes best, then prints six, two-month, bound journals around Daybook pages rearranged and augmented with specially sequenced excerpts from my other books and emerging material such as the quarterly TDJ Live PDFs, retreat playbooks, and Salon guides.
Mentioned in the Podcast

First interview with Barbara: Herbalism

Tranquility du Jour Daybook

TDJ Daybook story

Barbara's step-by-step approach:

  1. Open all the PDFs on my computer and print the chapters and essays I want for the month. I usually print everything single sided landscape on 8.5*11 paper then stick the pages back into the printer and print lined pages with the coffee stain (2018 planner, lined pages from 2019 planner and dot pages from Year of tranquility on the back side and set aside.
  2. Then I print and assemble the monthly planner pages and print those single sided landscape on 8.5*11 paper *Monthly spread, Dreams page from 2014, dreams list page, moon page, also life review page, petal pages, budget pages and flower pages, then I stick these back into the printer and print the lined and dot pages on the back and set aside
  3. Then I print the weekly spreads. Even though I live by the lunar calendar and begin each month on the dark moon, and end on the eve of the new moon, I live and work in a culture that goes by theGregorian calendar (solar calendar with 12 months of 28–31 days each) so I print and use both simultaneously. So I print 10 sets of weekly spread that include four lined pages between each week for my weekly meeting notes. This is a bit tricky since I set up the series of pages to print starting with a lined page, the planner spread, then an odd number of lined pages and repeat that print run ten times.
  4. I always print ten or twelve flower pages double sided on card stock to use on the front and back and throughout the book to mark time and sections.
  5. When all my components are double sided in piles on my work table I assemble the book methodically flipping the pages as if they were bound to make sure every spread opens correctly.
  6. Because I am a designer and work with print assembling material like this comes easily. When my book is in order I measure 8.5*8.5 inches. mark the crop marks, stick the stack into large mailing envelope and take it to the print shop where they cut and spiral bind it for me.
It takes about 2 hours to print and assemble my books, then another hour to get it to and from the printers. I think I pay about $36 dollars for each book.

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