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Aug 10, 2015

Bonjour. Welcome to the 344th edition of Tranquility du Jour: A Scary Diagnosis with Sarah Evans. Be inspired by her story through breast cancer, the tools that helped her through the process, and how this diagnosis changed how she lives life.

Tranquility du Jour # 344: A Scary Diagnosis


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Sarah_yogaheadshot_April2015Sarah Evans began her yoga journey in 1998. After being an avid Hatha student for a few years, she craved deeper study and became a registered yoga instructor in 2004. Sharing the wisdom of yogic practices expanded her commitment to live a healthy lifestyle. In February 2014, she had just celebrated her son's 4th birthday when she found a lump in her breast. She had no family history, but much to her surprise, a biopsy diagnosed Stage 2 breast cancer. After enduring a life threatening diagnosis, chemotherapy, radiation, and 6 surgeries, Sarah is forever changed. She found strength in unrelenting love from her incredible husband, 2 kids, family, friends, and amazing local yoga community. The events of the past year have served as a reminder for Sarah to live life in the gift of the present moment - one incredible moment at a time - with passion, joy, connection, and lots of love.
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Q: Robin via Facebook: Kimberly, you get so much done in one day. I was wondering how early you start your day?

Q: Paula via Facebook: Hi Kimberly, congratulations on the newest addition to your family! He is adorable! I had a question about flying. I was thankful you shared your fears in your weekly love note back in June. It really helped to normalize the anxiety. I remember reading about the importance of breath while anxious. I'm wondering if you had any other suggestions on how you deal with flying since I know you are a traveler. I will be flying next month and am in my first trimester of my first pregnancy. So on top of the anxiety I also feel pretty crummy physically. Any thoughts you could share would be so appreciated!

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